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At Sun Country Pools & Spas we are proud to provide our clients throughout greater Inland Empire with the following pool and spa, products and services:

Equipment Repairs: we will upgrade, repair and install your pool and spa equipment. Our team of experienced contractors has the knowledge on all the latest and most energy efficient pool equipment on the market today. Read More »

Pool Tiling & Decking: if your existing pool tiles and decking are in need of some TLC then we are the right company for you. We can upgrade, repair or replace your tiling and decking. Read More »

Build a Pool: contact ustoday if you are thinking of a new pool construction. Our team of professionals will guide you through the whole process, starting with the pool design, equipment selection and pool chemical usage. Read More »

Remodel: if your pool or spa has seen better days and is in need of some remodeling then let the team at Sun Country Pools & Spas take your pool into a new era with new equipment, tiling, plaster or chemical alternatives. Read More »

Equipment & Supplies: let us take all the guess work out of choosing the right pool and spa equipment and supplies for you. We will get your pool pumps and cleaning equipment up to date. Read More »

Service plans

Sun Country Pools has a Service Program to suit your every need

We'll work with you to develop a plan that best meets your exact needs to Optimize Service.
Listed below are several standard plans.

Full Service:

We do the work, » You... Enjoy your Pool!

  • Maintain water Balance & Sanitation levels
  • Brush, Vacuum, & Net as needed
  • Clean Skimmer/Pump Baskets
  • Inspect overall Equipment to ensure Proper Functionality
  • Back wash Filtration System as needed
  • High Quality Commercial Chemicals Provided

Chemical Service Plus:

  • Maintain water Balance & Sanitation levels
  • Clean Skimmer/Pump Baskets
  • Inspect overall Equipment to ensure Proper Functionality
  • Back wash Filtration System as needed
  • High Quality Commercial Chemicals Provided

Chemical Service:

We Maintain the Water Chemistry, » You... Conform to your Budget.

  • Maintain water Balance & Sanitation levels
  • Clean Skimmer/Pump Baskets
  • High Quality Commercial Chemicals Provided

We also offer:

  • One time clean-ups, Green to Clean
  • Acid Washes
  • Start-ups
  • Pool/Equipment Orientations
  • Salt Water Conversion Systems
  • Tile Repair & Tile Cleaning
  • Pump, Heater, Filter, & Automation Repairs/Installations

Sparkling water Doesn't Happen all by itself...

Maintaining a Safe and Consistent swimming pool & spa Requires Proper water chemistry. Among the elements of a Healthy Pool System, having the Proper pH and Chlorine levels are probably the most essential. An improper pH balance can cause cloudy or murky water, eye irritation, scale formation and etched pool walls - none of which make for an inviting swim. Conversely, too much or too little chlorine can be harmful to you, and create unsafe swimming conditions. Sun Country Pool Services applies the tools and Knowledge of Chemical Analysis to provide the correct combination and quantity of chemicals to maintain a Safe Chemical Balance.



Got Algae...

You're not Alone! It's not unusual for Anyone to think that Caring for a Pool is a No Brainer. Fact is...There are Many Variables that Contribute to Unstable, Unhealthy, Unsightly pool water. Sure... You can perform a quick fix by dumping an Enormous amount of Chlorine & Shock to Mask the Problem. But is the water Stable "Balanced" and more Importantly, is it Safe?

Services - Got Algae... Perhaps you can take a trip to your local pool supply store in which they'll be Eager to sell you this, that, & the other Magical Potion that"ll cure your problem overnight! Sound too good to be true... Well, it is!! Using the Proper Chemicals, Correct Quantities, and Mixing of Chemicals are all unknowns for the average homeowner. We at Sun Country Pool's can Provide the Peace of Mind in Knowing that Family & Friends are Not at Risk by taking a leisurely swim in your pool. Allow us to Perform a Free Water Analysis to Alleviate the Questions and or Problems you may be Experiencing.

If you are undergoing concerns or have questions regarding swimming pools, swimming pool supplies & pool chemicals, spas, pool equipment, or anything remotely related to swimming pools, spas, or fountains, we are at your service. Call for a free consultation today.
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