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Pool Services

Pool Services Fontana, CA Getting a swimming pool designed and installed from experts is just one part of having this feature on your property. Since this installation sees a considerable amount of wear and tear, it becomes necessary to maintain the pool well. In addition, you should also consider upgrading the features that are showing signs of deterioration.

Your pool installation represents a significant investment, and when you are looking for any pool services, you should look for experts in the field, like the ones at Sun County Pools & Spas. The company caters to customers across Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and Upland.

Range of Services

They also have a strong customer base in and around Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona, and Chino, and have handled a large number of pool building projects across Redlands, Moreno Valley and Pomona. Some of the services the company provides include:

  • Equipment Repairs - You can get your pool and spa equipment upgraded, repaired or installed and there is a lot of energy-efficient equipment that you can opt for.
  • Pool Tiling & Decking - If you find that the pool tiles and decking is looking dull and drab, the company would be able to replace, repair or upgrade these surfaces for you.
  • Remodel - If you find that your pool is old, you should consider getting a pool remodel done. Some of the features that can be upgraded as part of this project include chemical plaster, tiling and equipment.
  • Supplies and Equipment - When you have a pool on your property, there can be an ongoing requirement for the latest cleaning equipment and energy-efficient pool pumps.

Service Plans

A good pool company will also provide service plans to suit their customers’ requirements and budget. Some of the plans you can opt for can include:

Full Service

  • This includes all the basic services such as maintaining sanitation levels and water balance.
  • Vacuum, net and brush as required
  • Clean Skimmer/Pump Baskets
  • High-Quality commercial chemicals
  • Back-wash filtration system as required
  • Inspect overall equipment to make sure its functioning properly

The other one time pool services that these companies may provide include:

  • One time clean-ups
  • Acid washes
  • Pool/equipment orientations
  • Green to Clean
  • Tile cleaning and tile repair
  • Start-ups
  • Salt water conversion systems
  • Heater, pump, filter, as well as automation repairs/installations

Pool Clean Up Services

Regular pool maintenance services help maintain the quality and pH levels of the water in your pool. Only skilled contractors can provide excellent services as they have good knowledge of how the pool conditions can be maintained at all times. This ensures you and your family have safe water to swim in and that there is no mold and moss growing in and around your pool and the rest of the poolscaping.

A pool structure has to be strong and resilient and built to last; and the one way you can be assured of this is when you hire a proven and well-established pool builder like Sun County Pools & Spas. They will be able to provide excellent solutions at competitive pool building cost.


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